Floor Guide
Permanent Exhibition
Gassyo Dogu

Atrium …146 square meters

This section is an introduction of Korekawa Archaeological Institution. You can also stare through a window at stored archaeological remains.


Room of Permanent Exhibition …503 square meters

・Imagination Theater

This section is an introduction of Permanent Exhibition room and consists of two parts: “The road to Jomon” and “The Theater of Jomon Life” . The former is a hallway to exhibition room and decorated with design of Jomon potteries. The latter is a theater which illustrating results of excavation of the korekawa nakai site. You can feel the korekawa nakai site intuitively.

Imagination Theater

・The beauty of Jomon

This section display artistic archaeological remains of Jomon and consists of three parts.

Because of friability of these organic archaeological remains, we keep temperature, humidity and ultraviolet. Display of this section change regularly.

  • (1) “The beauty of Jomon Lacquerware” : Lacquer ware of wood base, Lacquered basket and Lacquered Pottery found at the Korekawa Nakai site. Reconstructed products.
  • (2) “The beauty in Korekawa” : Pottery, Clay objects, Stone objects and more excavated from Korekawa Nakai site.
  • (3) “The beauty in Kazahari” : Pottery, Stone tool, Clay objects, Stone objects excavated from Kazahari1 site.


・The Mystery of Jomon

This section illustrate environment, life and technique of Jomon period which were revealed in the results from excavation of the Nakai site. Many illustrations and hands-on displays are here for transmit archaeological information from excavation, such as stratigraphy section of the Nakai site and illustration of finding situation of wooden artifacts from creek. “Explore of Lacquer Culture” introduces the result of “Japan-road Project” : The international project (Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam) conducted for the purpose of tracing the origin of lacquer arts at the Korekawa Nakai site. Reconstructed artifacts also displayed this section. Collections : Wood objects, Stone tools, Stone objects excavated from Korekawa Nakai site.

・The Latest News of the Investigation

In this section exhibit archaeological remains found latest excavations at Hachinohe city.

2F Gallery for the National Treasure…46 square meters

Except an illustration about “clay figrine with clasping hands” in front room, there is national treasure only. The Dogu displayed symbolically.