Hachinohe City located in south-eastern Aomori Prefecture facing the Pacific Ocean. Our city has many archaeological sites along two rivers, Mabechi Gawa and Niida River, flowing center of the city. Excavated sites are dated from Paleolithic to Edo period, above them, four sites listed as national historic sites: The Choshichiyachi Shell Midden (Jomon period), The Korekawa Site (Jomon Period), The Tangotai tombs (Tumulus/Kofun Period) and The Nejo Castle (Middle ages).

 Korekawa Archaeological Institution were established in order to transmit fantastic Jomon prehistoric culture of Northern Japan via the Korekawa-Nakai Site and the Kazahari1 site, adjacent sites to Center and to preserve and use of buried cultural properties.

 The Center collects, houses and displays archaeological remains. The center also conducts rescue excavations, preservation of the Korekawa-Nakai Site and use of buried cultural properties.

 Permanent exhibition consist of "Beauty of Jomon" where beautiful archaeological remains of the korekawa-nakai site and the kazahari 1 site are displayed, "Mystery of Jomon" where visitors can study about Jomon culture via results from excavations of the site, "Gallery for a national treasure" where "Gassyo Dogu" is displayed, and so on. We also hold special exhibitions about the Korekawa-nakai site, Jomon culture and other archaeological issues.

 For education, we exhibit archeological remains, hold many events, design the archaeological site as park and open library. We collaborate research theme of archeology and other science, and use the research results for management of the center.

 Our missions are promotion for re-discovering of attractions of Hachinohe city and for importance of buried cultural properties.

10. July.2011

Korekawa Archaeological Institution